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Who we are

Almeop Health Services is providing comprehensive medical solutions for mining and industrial remote sites. Based on the requirements of your site we are planning a comprehensive and cost-effective system for your need.

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Aside from providing Emergency and Primary care, we are leading preventive measurements and awareness sessions. This preventative measure, together with an early awareness allow us to provide a high level of medical care that translates into a healthier workforce and a mitigation of medical risks. The objective of this system is to reduce the number of medical incidents and unnecessary evacuations, eventually providing costs savings to your company.

We offer a depth of experience and a broad portfolio of products and services to meet your objectives relating to clinical preparation, quality and patient safety. Our turnkey solutions team is at your service for projects large and small, and from short-term consulting to complete project delivery.

  • Project definition and goals set-up
  • Medical, technical, logistics and capacity programming
  • Human resources program
  • Medical strategy, stakes and goals
  • Preparing preliminary list of equipment – shipment - delivery on site
  • Hiring and staffing integration
  • Training plan for medical, paramedical and technical staff
  • Quality management by staff
  • Certification
  • Operations and management

    The nature and scope of your operations can expose your employees to various health risks and impact to your workforce. We believe that your employees are your most valuable resources and we make it our top priority to protect their health at your working sites.

    Our solutions that brings together methodical approaches and multi-disciplinary teams of specialists, enable us to fully understand the impacts of your activity on your employees, raise awareness about health issues and deploy appropriate preventive measures in order to minimize workplace ergonomy risks, Malaria and neglected tropical diseases risks, hygiene and sanitation risks, community health risks and work related injuries.

    In order to stay on top and continue to provide excellent patient care, healthcare staffing must be a top priority, and especially for the remote sites you have to create top-notch hiring practices to bring in only the best talent.

    Our number one priority is to support you in maintaining the highest standard of care, including enhancing your hiring and management toolbox to attract more qualified medical talent and retain them. The level of health cover we offer, ranges from providing a single on-site doctor or paramedic to a full clinic / hospital medical teams (specialists, GP doctors, technicians, nurses and adminstrators), whom will be always backed by our consulting center for important cases.

    We believe that training is an essential part of every employer’s safety and health program for protecting workers from injuries and llnesses. Researchers conclude that those who get adequate training have a lower rate of injuries and illnesses than those who didn't have any training. To assist employers, safety and health professionals, training directors and others with a need to know is our priority.

     Training in the safe way for workers to do their jobs well is an investment that will pay back over and over again in fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale, lower insurance premiums and more.

     In order to have a safe workplace, contact us for our customized training and solutions for your workforce.

The health training of workers aims at the following:

  • First aid training
  • Training on combating emergencies, if any.
  • Personal hygiene training
  • Environmentally sourced illness awareness Training
  • Neglected tropical diseases training,
  • Communicable diseases training

If you want a short-term emergency temporary staffing,

If you are experiencing a staffing shortage or

If you need a locum doctor immediately


What we do offer

Workforce Health Solutions

A customized solution under the guidance of our wellness team to address your company’s healthcare needs, budget and culture. By partnering you at decisions, we develop innovative health solutions that work best with your workforce and industry.

Staffing and Management

Almeop engages high talent healthcare professionals that you need. We manage quality, cost and risk throughout every engagement. Under any circumstances you will be always served best with our back-up staffing system.

Consulting and Training

Almeop is ideally positioned to provide consulting and training, upskilling your employees and advising you on your responsible for better welbeing.

Turnkey Solutions

Almeop always take into consideration the local environmental factors and constraints in order to produce tailor made project with a focus upon the best medical solutions for your company.

24/7 Service and Assistance

Almeop Assistance Service is 24/7 on-duty for saving lives, improve your employee health and wellbeing, and strengthen your Workforce Resilience.

Telemedicine Assistance

Almeop Emergency Telemedicine connects our remote site clinics and emergency providers from two or more locations and is used to evaluate and treat patients on site.


Contact Us


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+90 850 302 74 78

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